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We have read of a case study concerning people who have lost their writing creativity. It is what we refer to as writers block. Reasons for this block vary from one person to the other, but some are the same like seeking perfectionism, fear, and time.

case study

There are various ways one can curb this. The first one is reading books regularly. There is power in reading widely and when one feels like they cannot be creative this is the best place to turn to. I read a case study about one great novelist who wrote that people should never give up since it also happens to experienced novelist like him. He said he would wake up, take his computer, but no words would come out of his mind. He felt stuck until he discovered a way to curb his writers block. Taking lots of fruits and reading all kind of books he came across and every time he did that, he came up with amazing articles.

In another case study, a regular blogger said she writes what she loves the most when she has no ideas to write about. It could help that frequent writer who is feeling so lost and just stuck at this particular moment. If one’s love is towards nature, go out to the forest and write about that captures your attention.

Spending most of your time with people that make you feel appreciated is healthy for any writer according to a case study. They have positive energy. That is what one needs when they cannot create new content. These kinds of people could be your next project. They could say or do something, and an idea grows into your mind. One can test it out by doing free writing where no punctuation or grammar rules are followed.

Finally, any case study one comes across will prove that no writer has lost their imaginative side just a few distractions we come across that hinder us. Keep the phone away. Put those books on your desk away and work with no interruptions. Writing is a task that requires one to keep aiming and never failing, and sometimes it is better to ask for academic help.